Early Christmas morning - mum`s enjoying this sight and a cup of coffee before we start the day with a great Christmas breakfast. Off to visit our family and then home again to start preparing for Christmas dinner. I love Christmas, I really do! But most of all, I love being surrounded by family and friends during Christmas. That`s the greatest gift of all!

"The first dress of Christmas" by Acne Overvaag, (the second one was also from Overvaag, and You can find it at my Instagram profile Helensaevik )and my beautiful fur - I got this one from my bestfriend, love it - and I love her! The perfect Christmas gift to keep me warm and welldressed during all of the Christmas parties. Red nails by Dior - and I am miss fancy legs by Wolford;)

Home again! Christmas dinner is almost ready and all of a sudden even more gifts found it`s way underneath our tree! I have to be honest and say that I am soooo excited!!!

Really! We `ve got our very own Santa up at our attic - he moved in the night before Christmas and the tradition says that we have to check if he has arrived while the dinner is cooking. Guess what.. he was there, he had just found his bed on the other side of the stairs.. so Maria freaked out when she caught a glimpse of him! ;)

One of my gifts ;) I posted this at Instagram and someone I love bought it for me ;) Thank You, I love You!!!!

And then Santa came!!!! He was so funny! He immediately fell in love with our sister in law, he kissed her and wanted to put her in his bag ;)

Hey Santa and welcome to our home, come on in for a treat ;)

K.I.S.S.I.N.G ;)

More pics to come!

Hope You all had a wonderful Christmas evening and a great first day of Christmas - we celebrated our night with almost everyone of our family over, parents, parents in law, my sister and brother, sister in law, my brother in law and all of his family, so we had a perfect Norwegian/American Christmas at our place.

Thank You all for comming over, thank You for all the beautiful gifts - but most of all, thank You for being my family. I love all of You, with all of my heart!

We both laughed and cried this Christmas eve`... we sent our prayers for our brother in heaven and for his closest family♥

I have so much more to share with You, but right now, it`s cuddly`o`clock ;)

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